UPDATE: I have come to find out that a proposal like this has been introduced routinely for years. It is increasingly difficult to tell when the nonsense is nonsense and when it is a real plan these days.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: In keeping with the trend 2017 has already set, apparently viewing something like this as noise from the fringe was a mistake. Reports are running that an executive order could limit US involvement in the UN in some ways.

In the movie, Lucky Number Slevin Bruce Willis plays a character called Mr. Goodkat. In one of the earliest scenes Mr. Goodkat approaches a stranger in an empty bus terminal and explains what he calls a Kansas City Shuffle. A Kansas City Shuffle, as he says is when you get everyone to look left, and you go right. Right now the US is in the middle of the biggest Kansas City Shuffle in our history.


H.R. 193, A Proposal to Leave the United Nations

There are two major things that have prevented another world war for the last several decades; the United Nations and NATO. Donald Trump has already tossed around the idea of leaving NATO, though he seems to have softened on that idea lately. There is no telling how he’ll feel about NATO tomorrow.

While the whole country was observing the spectacle of lying and news cycles were dedicated to whatever scandal kicked up that day, Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017.

The bill would require the United States to withdraw completely from the United Nations and immediately stop funding any activity related to the UN.

It is unclear at this time how much support this bill has, or how far it will go, but it seems that so much of the activities of congress are getting attention while everyone watches the spectacle of the new President.

The Ballast Online has already written about the congressional shell game that is going on. It seems that it will continue to be the only constant in the strange political era we are entering.