It seems that the cabinet nominees of the new Trump administration just can’t seem to avoid those typos. We’ve previously reported on Betsy Devos and the typo that listed her as a board member of her family’s charity for over 13 years. Now, it seems that Tom Price’s paperwork had a small error, as Senator Ron Wyden (D – OR) brought to light during Price’s hearing.

“When asked about the value, I thought it meant the value at the time that I purchased the stock,” – Tom Price

It makes sense. If you get to buy stocks at a massive discount, and the offering was only open to a select group, you’d want to state the price you paid instead of the present value of the stock, too.

This comes as other news of the Dakota Access Pipeline going ahead, South Dakota declaring a state of emergency to rebuke campaign finance reform (more to come on that later), and an order from the White House that results of publicly funded scientific studies will no longer be released to the public. It is impossible to keep up with it all.