The South Dakota GOP has essentially ended any need for anyone anywhere to ever play limbo again by answering the age-old question of how low one can actually go. The jury is still out, but this record is going to be pretty hard to beat.

This is Lee Qualm, South Dakota Republican House Speaker.

South Dakota voters of both parties overwhelmingly voted for ballot measure 22. The ballot measure would have, in short, produced the country’s strictest, and best campaign finance reform.

Contributions from individuals and PACs would be restricted in a major way. Lobbyists would find their ability to fill the coffers of a politician strictly limited as well. People leaving government would find themselves unable to hold a lobbying job for two years. Voters of both parties favored this measure.

The South Dakota Republicans are seeking to repeal the South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, but if they simply vote to veto the act, they know the voters get a chance to override that veto.

So, they’ve come to the decision that the only way to kill the bill is to declare an emergency and use those powers to remove the law without voters having a chance to override their repeal.

North Carolina is going to have to think of something to catch up in the race to the bottom. South Dakota is coming on strong.