Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), held a town hall meeting tonight, and he found himself the target of an angry mob. The room in which they held the town hall flowed over, and a large group of protesters had to stand outside. Some reports said there were over 1,000 people outside.


I’m no expert, but it seems like they aren’t happy that he’s refusing to investigate Trump. Chaffetz has a particularly difficult line to walk, as chair of the House Oversight Committee he is the one that everyone looks to for investigations into Donald Trump’s rampant misconduct. Chaffetz will have to balance that duty with his inherent urge to be a partisan hack. Since Chaffetz has finally received a taste of what he deserves, it might be a good time to go through a few of his greatest hits.

I could never endorse Trump, unless…

In the wake of the Access Hollywood tapes, Chaffetz famously took a moral stand and said that he could not look his fifteen year old daughter in the face if he endorsed Donald Trump.

He vehemently said that he would not tolerate the behavior, that Trump was vile. It surely resonated well with his constituents in the run up to his re-election last year. Utah and the Mormons broke with their norm and did not overwhelmingly support Trump as they historically have other GOP candidates.

I won’t endorse Trump, but I will sure vote for him because his opponent is a disaster. Yoga gurus are jealous of that kind of contortion. When he gets voted out of office, he can get right in with Cirque du Soleil.

Then, as the time to cast his ballot drew near, Chaffetz made sure to say that he wouldn’t endorse Trump, but he was surely going to vote for him. The way he twisted and turned to endorse without endorsing has to be some kind of world record.

Posterboy for the Benghazi Witch Hunt

Chaffetz, along with Gowdy emerged as the face of the witch hunt and served as a hatchet man in the pursuit of dragging down Hillary Clinton. The investigation into Benghazi lasted longer than the congressional investigation into 9/11.


The kicker for this whole investigation, Chaffetz was one of the ones who voted against funding security for the State Department. The funding did wind up continuing, but the point still remains, it’s pretty hypocritical to run a witch hunt for as long as he did if he voted to defund the security in the first place.

When the fact that there were 66 deaths in US embassy attacks and zero special investigations during the Bush administration is taken into account, the hypocrisy is even more glaring.

One must never forget what Kevin McCarthy said about the Benghazi committee:


On top of all that, he’s recently tangled publicly with the Office of Government Ethics when they tweeted to the then President Elect about divesting from his businesses.

The best thing about the Trump administration is that it has awakened Americans to the kind of lunacy that has taken over the GOP. Chaffetz has had this angry mob coming for a long time.

Better start updating your resume, Congressman.