Multiple agencies are running the story tonight. Michael Flynn, the conspiracy theory sharing Security Adviser in the Trump administration has resigned amid allegations that he lied about the nature and content of calls with the Russians after President Obama issued sanctions and expelled Russian diplomats. All along, Flynn and by extension the administration held that the calls did not breach the subject of the sanctions.

Turns out the guy who posts crazy conspiracies on Twitter isn’t above lying about illegal conversations with foreign governments.

The kicker is, that the administration was warned about the possibility that Flynn could be blackmailed by the Russians. The person who warned them was none other than the acting Attorney General whom Trump fired for refusing to argue for his Muslim ban in court.

Look, it isn’t like there was mountains of evidence that this guy was bad news. It isn’t like he was a guest of honor at a banquet in Russia and sat a table with Putin himself.

Look, that is purely circumstantial. In no way does this indicate a relationship between Putin and Flynn.

It isn’t like Flynn made many appearances on RT, the Kremlin owned media arm. It isn’t like there were multiple massive red flags. Nobody was screaming from the rooftops that a person deranged enough to buy into Pizzagate and spread lies via his Twitter feed. That didn’t happen at all. Flynn’s departure is a shock to everyone. It is in no way a complete and total logical conclusion to someone with his shady ties to Russia being put into a powerful position in Washington.

That is some grade A bootlicking in that resignation letter. A deranged sycophant to the last, adios Flynn. One might think that even in a fast paced environment violating the law would stick out in your mind. Source: Zeke Miller – Time

All of that is true, and the fact that he lied to Mike Pence and allegedly put the Vice President into a position where he went out and lied to the American public is concerning, but the bigger point seems to be left out. Nobody seems to be talking about the fact that the call was a violation of the Logan Act. The Logan Act bars unauthorized people from engaging in activities that would undermine the US Government’s foreign policy goals.

Furthermore, the question remains as to how much the President knew and when exactly he knew it. Will Chaffetz finally do his job and start a Congressional investigation into this?

Another question that still remains is when will the other shoe drop for some of the other people in the administration? What about Tillerson and his massive business ties to Russia? When will that one explode, and when it does will everyone act surprised again?

One thing is for sure, the Trump administration is hoping that the public will take this sacrificial lamb, that Flynn can end this line of questioning by jumping on the grenade. They’re hoping that nobody will pull on that thread any more than they already have because it is certain to unravel a whole lot more of the cloth if they do.

Get your popcorn out. This one is going to be interesting.