Update: The Austin American Statesman picked up this story, and since then they have received official word from Chuy’s Vice President of Human Resources, Marsha Williams. 

Williams stated that the sign was not ordered by the restaurant, and that the author of the note is still unidentified. She also said that all shifts were covered successfully, and Chuy’s supports any employee observing the Day Without Immigrants protest.

Initial Story: 

This morning social media posts spread the word of a note displayed at Chuy’s in Round Rock, TX. 

In short, the note threatens that anyone who does not show up for work will have their names put into a hat and one name would be chosen from the hat to fire. 

The note, which may be an act by an individual rather than official company policy, outlines a draconian approach to handling a protest by a group of people who are the backbone of the restaurant industry. 

Chuy’s responded to a tweet of the note by saying that it was removed and no disciplinary action would be taken against employees who chose to participate. 

The note is as stupid as it is disgusting. When ICE raids are keeping a group in fear, and significant support is flooding toward any immigrant cause, something like this just begs for a boycott. 

The Chuy’s Round Rock Facebook page is currently being flooded with one star reviews. 

It is unclear who posted the note or what disciplinary action might be taken toward the employee.