The Trump administration has been dogged by reports that President Trump continues to golf at a rate exceeding President Obama by far. Trump was outspoken about his criticism that President Obama would have the time to go golfing, and at one time said that were he the President there would be no such lack of respect for the position. This weekend, after several times being hammered with photos of Donald Trump golfing at Mar a Lago, the White House and Fox News released a news alert that Trump would be working through the weekend in the White House.

It is unfortunate that it was yet another in a long line of lies from this administration. Add this one to the 3-5 million illegal voters, the wiretapping, the microwaves with cameras in them, the massive inauguration crowd, the way he totally doesn’t know Putin, and even the way the rain stopped when he started his speech.

Twitter user @darth had a great picture to share from the President’s weekend:

The President, who is pictured multiple times at leisure at the country club, is the same President that propaganda network Faux News proudly proclaimed would be working through the weekend like a diligent little POTUS.

The question begins, did Fox News know that they were spreading the lie, or were they given a press release that was a lie? They were the source for the wiretapping lie, through commentator Judge Napolitano. The news side of the network did come out to say they saw no evidence for Napolitano’s claim, but only after it became a national incident. Why even have someone on your air when they’re going to spread falsehoods like birtherism?

One piece of evidence, that Trump said someone in the locker room could be trusted because he was Republican, would suggest that it was known what they were doing and not something more innocent.

This is another in a long line of lies that this administration has told. It will go to undermine any confidence that the American public can possibly have in the executive branch, although one has to wonder if it is really that much of an erosion of trust after things like the pretense for the Iraq War and the infamous time James Clapper lied under oath about NSA collection activities. It seems we’ve been lied to before, routinely, and this guy is just way more egregious with it.