Exposing the hypocrisy of Donald Trump has become a new national pastime. It’s fun, but it’s too easy, really. All you have to do is go back through Trump’s Twitter feed to his glory days as an armchair quarterback and birtherism cheerleader to find something that starkly contrasts his actions as President. In this way, as in so many ways, Donald Trump exposes not only his hypocrisy, but also the hypocrisy of the Republican party. Consider the following case and enjoy the delicious, ridiculous, fun world of our GOP government.

In 2015, a diplomatic solution was reached with Iran to stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Up until that point, they’d continuously built enrichment facilities with productive capacity lower than that needed for power production, but fully capable of producing a large enough amount in the right grade to create nuclear weapons. An international group of the P5+1 (the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) came to a deal that would allow Iran to feel some relief from the sanctions against them in exchange for inspection and verification that they were no longer pursuing nuclear weapons.

The agreement came at a particularly tense time and stopped what may well have been a war between Israel and Iran that would have further exacerbated the problems in the region.


Tweet 1
Monday morning Quarterback Trump hated the Iran deal.

The GOP leadership took the opportunity to blast Obama for being a pushover. It was as if they felt robbed of another war in the middle east.

In fact, they were so angry that they didn’t get large scale death and military industrial complex profits that top Senators in the GOP sent a letter to Iran promising that they would not uphold the deal.

The only problem is, that as far as it seems, the deal has worked.

Tweet 2
Here is President Trump’s administration saying that the deal is working. Go figure.

The Iran deal was less than ideal, but that is what happens with diplomacy. Two governments sit down and try to solve with words a problem they are both willing to solve with murder. Both parties usually have to give some ground. We should have a decent enough political situation where people don’t use the aversion of war to make political hay.

Furthermore, maybe the view from the peanut gallery is a little different than the view from the driver seat, and maybe we shouldn’t have elected one of the old men from the Muppets to run the country. Their names are Statler and Waldorf, by the way. They’re named after the Waldorf Astoria and the Statler Hilton, and they’re probably the best part of the Muppets.

On second thought, we’d be far better off with one of these puppets than the one we got.