Donald Trump signed an executive order this week establishing a panel to investigate voter fraud. We’ll be calling it what it is, however, which is a voter suppression panel. It’s all part of a larger fever dream Trump had wherein 3-5 million illegal votes were cast and had they not been, Trump would have won the popular vote.

Captain Crosscheck
Kris Kobach – AKA – Captain Crosscheck, is said to be a key member of the committee. He’s pictured here proudly displaying a strategic outline for the new administrations DHS plans.

Kris Kobach being involved is proof enough that the intention of this move is further voter suppression. We’ve previously discussed the GOP war on voting rights, and this is just one more egregious step toward instituting extreme voter suppression measures. Kobach is a fan of a program called Crosscheck, that he used to push thousands off the voter rolls.

If there is a Hell, there’s a special section for the people who subvert democracy in such an insidious way as the GOP has over the last decade.