The bizarre series of events around the last few weeks leaves me wondering if Donald Trump is intentionally trying to get ousted from the White House. He has, time and again, done the exact wrong thing to do in a given situation, such to the point that you have to wonder if he is trying to get rid of the job. Howard Stern recently said that nobody wanted Clinton to win more than Trump. Reports circled that Trump was preparing to start a television network after the election. Maybe Trump is wishing he could be a private citizen again.

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Donald Trump has had a ton of missteps, but this latest series is a real coup de grace. First, he fires James Comey while Comey is investigating him. He put an exculpatory lie awkwardly in the middle of the letter dismissing Comey, which made everyone think he most likely fired Comey to make the Russian investigation go away.

Then, less than 24 hours later, Trump has the Russian Foreign Minister and Sergey Kislyak, who is coincidentally the person Jeff Sessions lied about speaking with AND the same person Michael Flynn was speaking with. Anyone who even cared a little bit about staying in the Oval Office would know to stay away from Kislyak while things cooled down. In Trump’s defense, he did keep Kislyak off the agenda that was available to the public.

Not only did Trump meet with them, he did so in the Oval Office, and he excluded American media from the meeting. He did, however, allow the Russian state owned press in with their large kit of cameras and recording equipment. We only found out that Kislyak was there because the Russian state owned media camera person published the pictures. The White House later claimed that they thought the cameraman was simply there to record things for the archives.

To top it all off, Trump took to Twitter and threatened Comey, saying that he had tapes and Comey better not leak anything. He literally fired the man investigating him and then went on the internet in front of God and everyone and threatened the person he just fired. It’s like a layer cake of obstruction of justice. After Trump’s administration thought up a thinly veiled lie to use the reputation of the new Deputy Attorney General as cover for firing Comey¬†for the way he handled the Clinton investigation, Trump went on television and completely threw that almost plausible excuse out the window. He literally said on national television that he was thinking that the Russia investigation would go away if he fired Comey. It would have been fairly difficult to prove his motives if he hadn’t just come right out and said it like that, but he did.

“So then I told them, I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support!” – And unfortunately it’s true. Trump’s rabid Red Hat base is holding strong behind him despite all evidence that they shouldn’t.

Today, the Washington Post broke a story that the President shared highly sensitive information with the Russians while they were visiting with him in the Oval Office. This information was reportedly shared with us in a highly sensitive intelligence sharing arrangement. It is reportedly information that we have not even shared with allies.

U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster went to the press and issued a carefully worded denial. Many say he parsed his words so that he could deny things that weren’t actually alleged in the article. Furthermore, the administration has redacted some details of the memo due to the sensitive nature of the intelligence it contains. So, at the very least, the information that was allegedly shared seems to be true.

In short, here’s the unbelievable, stranger than fiction chain of events:

  • During the campaign, Trump goes on television and asks the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails and leak them
  • During the investigation into possible collusion with the Russians during the election, Trump fires Comey for investigating him
  • Less than 24 hours later, Trump invites two of the Russians at the center of the controversy into the Oval Office and allegedly shares highly classified information with them

That isn’t even the granular details of the controversy. It’s just three of the many explosive high points. But, when you look at the events, it makes it seem that Donald Trump is trying to get out of this job that he didn’t really want.

It seems like someone would have to try to be this bad at managing optics or covering up illicit activities.

Maybe Trump really does believe he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone without losing support. It is partially true, at least. The Red Hats are still firmly behind Trump with their MAGA-hatted heads in the sand. But, if Trump keeps it up, he’ll mobilize the masses of normally apolitical citizens of this country.

If Trump wanted out, he could just go, maybe not with his pride intact, but he wouldn’t have to risk criminal prosecution. Maybe he really is this bad at politics.

The GOP has demonstrated that they love the Trump lightning rod. They won’t be abandoning him until it either costs too much political capital not to go against him or they run out of new ideas to extract capital from poor people.