You may have heard about the Battle for Berkeley. If you haven’t, it’s the ongoing near riots that are going down at Berkeley in California every time a far right pundit like Ann Coulter or Milo Yianopolis set up a speaking engagement there. What winds up happening is that Berkeley Antifa extremists go out with pepper spray and wind up dousing the MAGA red hat crowd that shows up. Both sides wear ridiculous get ups with masks and flags everywhere. The Twitter comments that fly about the pictures are equally ridiculous. It isn’t just there, it’s everywhere you look on message boards, magazines, and in toxic comment sections around the internet. As politics becomes increasingly polarized, it seems that people are losing their ability to see that neither group is monolithic. When you register as a Republican, you’re not required to wear a motorcycle helmet and beat leftists with a flagpole, and black masked, dreadlocked, Antifa anarchists are equally a poor representation of the Democratic base.

I’m not sure this will be the way to hash out differences of opinion on taxation or immigration policy.

It is very easy to listen to the vocal dregs of each side of the debate and take away some impression that the other side is uniformly that, but nothing in life is that easy. Even among anarchists, there is a schism between those who think that violence is the wrong way to enact their revolution. While much of Donald Trump’s message appealed to white supremacists and neo-nazis, that doesn’t mean that the entire GOP base falls within those groups.

There are members of the Republican base who would probably agree with many tenets of traditionally Democratic politics except their beliefs require them to vote pro-life. If you, like they do, believe that abortion is killing babies you might find it equally difficult to vote for anyone with pro-choice leanings.

Wearing more flags than a Fox News broadcast, Jethro and his friends prepared for a heartfelt and respectful debate.

Likewise, there is undoubtedly a section of the Democratic base who view climate change as an existential threat to all of humanity, so they view every other issue as secondary to the survival of the species. I’m sure some of them would love to vote for a Republican economic policy of lower taxes if they could.

The people showing up to the Berkeley protests are the best idiots each group can muster. They’re like school boys showing up to the flagpole at 3 o’clock, standing too close to each other and waiting to pounce on one another as soon as someone flinches. The fact that people can’t appreciate the irony of the hashtag, “I punch Nazis.” That isn’t how you save the country from fascism. That’s how you enforce your own brand of fascism. The best thing those Antifa members could do if they wanted Ann Coulter to go away is invite her in. There’s no way she actually wants to be someplace that liberal.

Things like this Battle for Berkeley nonsense and people priding themselves because, “I punch Nazis” will end in tragedy. Eventually, someone on that campus is going to get killed over this. Something will explode, or people will be shot.

We all just need to take a slow breath and relax. Remember that the world isn’t the comment section on a Youtube video; that’s just one of the rings of Hell leaking into our world. The trend doesn’t seem like this is getting any better.