Tonight the bizarro world of American politics took a turn for the worse when GOP Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte alledgedly body slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. 

The moment unraveled on Twitter when Jacobs tweeted that Greg Gianforte just slammed him and broke his glasses. Following that audio was posted to the Guardian US website wherein a scuffle could be heard following calmly voiced questions on Gianforte’s stance with regards to the AHCA’s CBO score. 

Gianforte’s camp released a statement, which contained assertions of the chain of events that were demonstrably untrue when the audio recording was taken into context. 

Following the event, something even more surprising than a Congressional candidate body slamming a reporter happened. Fox News released an article backing the claim Jacobs made and essentially reaffirming his assertion that he was assaulted by the candidate. When Fox News has no choice but to back the exposure of GOP misbehavior, the world is spinning right off its axis. 

If there is a Hell, I am sure there is a place there where the only thing you are allowed to do is read the toxic and incendiary comments on Twitter and Youtube videos. A good portion of the right wing there found themselves delighted with the idea of a reporter body slam. Why wouldn’t they be? They just elected a President who has legitimately been involved in WWE matches.

It is unclear what effect this event will have on the special election taking place tomorrow. I am pretty sure Nate Silver will gain valuable insight into the effect of assault allegations vs sexual assault allegations among the GOP base. 

Things get weirder every day in American politics.