This Sunday the internet went into an uproar after Donald Trump tweeted out a video that showed him wrestling Vince McMahon, only someone had edited the video to show a CNN logo over McMahon’s head. What resulted was Trump walking up and attacking a suit with the CNN logo for a head and pounding it into the ground. It was certainly something that should be beneath the President of the United States – even to have time to view such a video, but the thing is that the tweet and video are so appropriate and accurately depict our current situation.


We’re being sold a wrestling feud with a big, boisterous bad guy pitted against the Resistance™ and on the other side of the aisle, they’re being sold a rebellious anti-hero who is bravely standing up against the evil (((media))) and draining the swamp.

The thing is, it’s all bullshit.

The daily feed of gotcha moments, tweeted threats at Mika from Morning Joe, CNN and many other major news outlets rebranding as the Resistance™ – all of it is a big circus designed around ratings and popularity. I’m a fairly heavy news consumer, but before Trump started fighting with Morning Joe, I had no clue who Mika is. I still don’t know her last name, and I don’t even care enough to look it up for this article. Guess who probably got a big ratings boost and a bump in favorability? Mika, Morning Joe, and CNN, that’s who.

There’s a constant feed of bullshit crossing the airwaves these days. I suppose you have to fill a 24 hour news cycle somehow. As a result, there is a lot of nonsense drowning out real issues. Major news outlets positioned that ridiculous tweet as their lead story, even above the G20 meeting that is coming up.

The thing is, you can’t really blame the media. They’re the result of a for-profit media filling airwaves with what will sell, and not what we need to know. The wrestling feud is easy to understand. The consequences of the G20 meeting are complex and require a nuanced understanding of economic issues across the world. If I was trying to pay my rent selling news, I know I’d probably feature someone getting hit with a steel chair, too.

We have to separate the stuff from the stuff. By that I mean that there are things that dominate our media that have absolutely no consequence. Did Paul Ryan say that poor people should stop buying iPhones? So what. That’s stupid, sure, and it points to a man so disconnected that he has no grasp of lower or middle class economics, but it’s not of any real consequence. We have to separate the gotcha moments from the actual information that we need.

To that end, this blog will be changing a bit going forward. I’d previously been trying, and failing, to keep up with the constant stream of nonsense. Did Donald Trump lie? Is there a tweet that perfectly shows him to be a hypocrite? How many times did he play golf this week? I don’t care. I know he’s a god damn liar. The world doesn’t need another blog to call out his bs, and frankly I no longer have the time or inclination to keep up with it.

Going forward, politics will be something that we cover, but it won’t be only politics. The topics you might find here going forward: politics, science, philosophy, humor, mma, movies, television shows, advice on job hunting/interviewing/hiring, oversharing about my life with details obscured hopefully enough, and anything else I think to write. In short, this blog has always kind of been a bit of a conceit, and I’m going to fully convert it to a place where I air out all the things I want to write. I have no interest in being a part of the circus or writing about what’s going on under the big top.